Paul Dale Anderson

Author of Winds series of supernatural suspense and Instruments of Death series of thrillers

Axes to Grind

Axes to Grind is a supernatural thriller and police procedural set in a rural area of Wisconsin. Merritt County is a fictional place in the northern part of the state near Lake Superior.

When Sandra Beech inherits nine hundred acres of woodland and a house from her motherís great-aunt Susan, Sandy travels from Chicago to northern Wisconsin to put the place up for sale. The isolated old house has neither electricity nor indoor plumbing, the entire area is out of reach of any cell tower, and iron deposits in the soil interfere with radio communications. As a child, Sandy had thought great-aunt Susan looked and acted like a witch, and Sandy learns Susan and Sandy are descendants of a long line of witches dating back more than six thousand years. Susanís spirit returns to teach Sandy magic so Sandy can use magic to save the world from the diabolical plans of a reincarnated Heinrich Himmler to unleash Asmodeus and a hoard of demons on an unsuspecting modern world. Merritt County Sheriffís Chief Deputy Dan Edmonds doesnít believe Sandy when she tells Dan about Himmler, Asmodeus and the demons. But gruesome murders convince Dan something unusual is happening and Sandy Beech may be the cause. Either Sandy is insane and the murderer herself, or Sandy is an accomplice who is hiding the murderer in her house. Will Dan discover the truth before Sandy becomes Himmlerís next victim?

Selected Works

Psychological Thriller, Suspense
Megan Williams returns to Twin Rivers after five years in a mental hospital to take final revenge on the men who raped and mutilated her. But the tiny Illinois town has grown into a bustling Chicago suburb near the end of the Metra line, and Megan isnít the only serial killer now leaving dead bodies littering the streets. Can Megan keep her sister safe and still exact her revenge? Or will Meganís actions make Susan, Tim, and Elsie targets? The Girl Who Lived, the sequel to Spilled Milk, is a fast-paced psychological thriller unlike anything you've read before. Not for the faint-hearted or squeamish, this is the story of what happens when a girl who was brutalized and left for dead gets a second chance at life.
Fiction, Military Thriller, Suspense
John Morgan is a hired assassin. John, 42, is employed by Sam Adams, a retired military and CIA operative who now owns a private security firm in Franklin Park, Illinois. When John is targeted for assassination in a parking garage at OíHare Airport, he has no time to think. He responds automatically, twenty years of intense training activating muscle memory, and he takes weapons away from the twelve assassins and kills them all in a life-and-death shoot-out. John survives despite overwhelming odds, a debilitating shoulder wound, and surveillance by persons unknown who hacked into the Chicago Police Departmentís security camera network. While John is recuperating from shoulder surgery at the companyís private clinic, two additional teams of assassins destroy Sam Adamsí company headquarters in an old factory building a block away from the clinic and then attack the clinic. Sam and 43 other company employees were in the building when it exploded. Despite being weak from loss of blood and woozy from the effects of morphine, John and another assassin, code-named Jimmy Carter, travel across country in a desperate attempt to thwart a conspiracy that could destroy the world.
Fiction, Police Procedureal, Suspense
Pinking Shears from Crossroad Press
Meat Cleaver from Crossroad Press
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Digital editions available from Gordian Knot Mysteries and Crossroad Press
Dark Fantasy novel
Dark Fantasy novel
Chaos ensues when terrorists take out the Worldwide electrical and communications grids.
An evil entity has hidden the sun, and the world becomes a dark and dreadful place.

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